Choose a right size of Fiberglass duct rodder

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A range of duct rodders are available today. Some of the most common types of duct rodders include those made from fiberglass, wheeled duct rodders and portable duct rodders. You can find a range of sizes for the duct rodders measured in millimeters as well. They will typically range from 4mm through 16mm with any length.

The fiberglass duct rodders tend to have a smooth and elastic surface. They also happen to have high tensile strength. The wheeled duct rodders have wheels that are on the frame. These wheels could be inboard or outboard. They make it easy to move around. The portable duct rodders feature carry handles, so you can pick them up and move them to where you need them quickly. Naturally, these tend to be a bit smaller.

Tonable duct rodders can be useful, too. These can find and follow duct routes without the need for any trenching or digging. They can even map the routes. They do this with a transmitter and a receiver. The signal is transmitted along the length of the duct rod, and it is very easy to identify.

A duct rodder works to thread a cable and wire through conduit quickly and easily. They are very common when it comes to the installation of cable. They work simply and make it easier to thread cable through ducts. These devices can help for a range of underground tasks, including threading lines, pulling cables, locating ducts, and cleaning; they are extremely useful.

Think about the type of job you will be doing and then choose the duct rodder that fits your job needs the best. Duct rodder factory, please send email to: Skype: