Cobra Reel Duct Rod one hundred Meters

DIY Power ToolsTop quality 9mm coated bolstered fibreglass rod. Brass finish fittings Clean profile aluminium guilding tip. Body constructed from rugged steel. Wheel equipment for straightforward transport

High quality glass fibre Cobra conduit duct rods are superb for brief to lengthy installations into cable ducts. TheDuct Rod – Conduit Duct Rods come full with a cell frame for ease of use and have excessive tensile strength for cable and pipe laying contractors. Cobra duct rods are often referred to as Duct Rodders.

As underground cable moling expertise advances the pulling of fibre optic cables into ducts can lead to conduit shafts of up to 2000m long. Cobra conduit duct rod for ducting cables overcome cable pulling complications saving time and man-hours.

Conduit rods can be found with integral Sond gadgets (Minitran) which detects the placement of the rod prior to connecting to draw or winch ropes – these transmitters are propelled alongside a conduit to find duct blockages.

Conduit Rod – Duct Rod (Cobra) – Options : Conduit rod is a high quality helically wound epoxy rod offering excellent adhesion properties for the outer polyethylene coating – the conduit duct rod building affords wonderful bending elasticity for lengthy and quick installations into cable ducts. Conduit duct rod can be appropriate for putting in draw and winch ropes into ducts prior to cable pulling.

Conduit Duct Rods (Cobra) – mounted on a mobile frame for ease of site mobility. All conduit rods are designed and constructed for simple dealing with and are complete with information suggestions. Non-obligatory conduit rod extras : conduit rod repair kits, swivel connectors and versatile guide tips.

Cobra conduit duct rods (often referred to as Cobras, conduit snakes, duct rods or conduit rods) are utilized in pipe and cable laying operations to assist within the set up of draw ropes, cables and winch wires – conduit duct rods can also be used as part of a CCTV or pipe cleansing system. Cobra duct rods are a extra value-efficient answer to utilizing conventional screw together drain rods.

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