Conduit Duct Rod, Conduit Fiberglass Rod, Cable Puling Rod

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FRP duct rodders for communications, electric energy and others department HDPE pipes cable, the cable particular tapes.

Fiberglass duct rodder & Push rod

A top quality fiberglass rod specially use for constructions to offer high tensile strenghs, duct rodder/rods is filled 85% of fiberglass core is reinforced with high power resin. Braided reinforcing wrap building is add most duct/conduit, the surface of duct rodders/rods is soothly, utilized in pulling the cable or cable instruments.

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The Fiberglass duct rod kind: Three/16′ 1/four’ 3/eight’ 7/16′ 1/2′ 9/sixteen’ 5/eight’ 11/16′ three/4′ (Dia from four.5mm to 16mm)

The longth of fiberglass rod from 500 ft to 1200feet.

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