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Duct Rodders applies in tow lead-rope by a pipe, it is auxiliary means. Surface clean and high resilience, so the FRP perforator with ease passes the slim channel. perforator consists of two components: the glass fiber strengthen the level, the excessive-pressured low density polyethylene protective layer(clean, agency ,can resist the adverse circumstance). It has time-savingreducing effort, improving efficiency, and so on ,And can be utilized for telecom cables, cable pipe and cleaning and plastic pipe of cloths to put. when use attracts out the FPR pole by the pulley, then with a corresponding metal joint, penetrates within the pipeline. When cleansing, guide-head will drive cleansing tools to clean the pipe; When arranges the cable, you could first leads the steel wire or the iron wire, then enters the pipe with the steel wire or the iron wire hauling cable.
Property value
specification 4.5mm,6mm,8mm,10mm,11mm,12mm,13mm,14mm,15mm,16mmfor your alternative, and we also can settle for OEM order
Size 30,50,60,eighty,100,120,one hundred fifty,180,200,250,300,350,four hundred,450,500 meters for selection.
Material Fiberglass (inner) and high density polytgtkebe(outer)
Density >1.9gr/cm3
Working temperature – 40 to + 80
Minimal pulling energy 4000 N5%
Tensile Modulus >46.500Mpa
Consistency of rod 137gr/m
Flexural Modulus >46.500Mpa
Elongation at Break 2.5-3%
Min. Bending Radius 388m
Tensile Strength >15N/mm2
Environmental Stress & Crack Resistance >1000hr
Our duct rodders lineup consists of detectable duct rodders, non detectable duct rodders, cobra duct rodders, python duct rodders and mini-cobra duct rodders by manufacture reminiscent of jameson, DCD, condux and GMP Tools.
Condux Duct Rodders:
Combine ease of operation and dependable efficiency to assist enhance the effectivity of your rodding operations.
Condux Duct Rodders mix ease of operation and dependable performance to assist increase the efficiency of yourrodding operations.
Condux presents three kinds of duct rod: Cobra, Python and Mini-Cobra.
Condux Duct Rodders Catalogs
GMP Duct Rodders:
GMP Duct Rodders are essential tools for underground duties resembling cleansing and locating ducts, threading strains or pulling cables.
Rodders come outfitted with a male threaded end fitting and tapered head on the leading finish and a female threaded fitting on the again finish.

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