Condux 08073010 Cobra Duct Rodder 8mm X 100m

Greenlee Cable Pulling Sheaves and Rollers - Ohio Power Tool

Our Cobra rod is our highest quality rod, designed for heavy-responsibility applications. It will get its additional power from a novel building course of that ensures better rigidity and energy, enabling it to endure the extra drive required for long duct runs with a number of bends and sweeps. A braided wrap of reinforcing fibers will increase its rigidity and helps bond the core with the outer plastic coating. The coating is made from a polymer blend for larger toughness and superior abrasion resistance to make sure additional-lengthy life.

Duct Rodder Installation Tool 12*150m - EquipmentComes wound in a 762mm cage
Appropriate for pulling back winch line or small diameter cable
Reccomended for 63mm – 152mm conduit
End fitting M12
Contains one male and one female finish fitting, and a tapered head.conduxt gives a nuber of optional end fitting accesories for aditional purposes.

Condux 08073010Includes:ConduxCobra Duct Rodder8mm x 100m

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