Duct Rodder Accessory For Sophisticated Conduit Situation

Roller, Coaster, FloridaIn difficult plumbing situations, accessory is needed when the pulling rod is broken or not long enough to achieve the end of the pipeline. All of our duct rodders come with a range of equipment and spare elements. Equipment can be screwed on the frame of the duct rodder, and accessory and repair kit are also obtainable, with a canvas bag attached on the cage of the duct rodder, which is ideal to maintain all of the accessories protected, and ensures versatility to handle any problem at the job site.

Accessories embrace drawing head, swivel connector, mini harness, roller information, repair equipment, versatile guide tip, and so forth. A number of equipment are listed below in detail.

Rod grapple set

Rod grapple set is used when the conduit may be very lengthy and the bend isn’t easy to go. Put the 2 loops on one half into the conduit, when it move the bend with problem, push the four hooks grapple from the other finish of the conduit, when the two grapples meet, twisting will have interaction the two halves, and all the rods might be pulled by the conduit simply.

Drawing head

Drawing head is connected to the end fitting on the duct rod. It guides the rod by the conduit, and the pulling eye permits a pull line to be hooked up to the duct rod. It’s made of top of the range copper.

Swivel connector

It is essential to have this swivel connector when the pulling rod shouldn’t be lengthy enough for the conduit length to be rodded. With the swivel connector, two rods may be screwed together. Numerous sizes to choose.

End connector

Male and female end connector is provided to connect with other equipment resembling rod ends, versatile information ideas, and so forth.

Nylon ties

Easy tips before buying

Nylon ties can be used to fasten the canvas bag (restore kit) on the frame.

Versatile spring guide tip

Versatile spring guide tip is used to information rod via bends within the conduit, the spring leader helps protect the tip of the pulling rod when going round bends.

Roller guide

Restore package

With a canvas repair kit attached on the frame with nylon ties, you may simply handle any special condition that needs to be repaired. The male and female end fitting restore contains emery cloth ,epoxy, and one small stick. It’s also possible to put some equipment like roller guide and drawing head into the canvas restore package for broken replacement.

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