Duct Rodder -cable Tiger

Primarily based on composite fiberglass rod, 9mm, with polypropylene coating, supplied in metal frame with wheels and restore equipment. Our rods of 9mm truly meet the operational requirement of 11mm. We use the finest dupont fiberglass material with the hardest polyproylene coating for low coefficient of friction and abrasion resistance. Most of our prospects who had been earlier taking 11mm have shifted to our 9mm rods.

Duct Rodder’ is right for installation of optical fiber telecom cables in buried/underground HDPE ducts as much as 300 meters in metro and congested city environments. Maxi duct rodder is also the most widely used equipment in OFC maintenance & the place cable blowing technique is just not feasible. Cabletiger is a professional heavy duty cable pulling system based mostly on 9mm dia Composite fiberglass rod offered in galvanized metal body with wheels & integral brake & M12 threaded rod ends at both ends.

Compact & easy to transport in a pickup jeep or small transport vehicles.

Durable. High Strength. Tremendous powerful.

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