Duct Rodder Fibreglass Rod From Utilicom. Trader Of Fiberglass Rod From Australia

Nos Oem Ford 1952 1953 Mercury Accessory Front Bumper Guard Fog Lamp ...Duct Rodder fibreglass rod is provided with detachable pulling eyes. Duct Rod is supported with a big range of accessories that can be interchanged with the pulling eye.

Maxi Cobra Ducting RodThe Rod is detectable and is available in 4mm, 6mm and 8mm rod. All strategies of tracing conduit from above ground will work with Duct Rod.

All rod has a 1mm sheath of yellow HDPE to render it more noticeable and to protect the fibreglass from put on.

The Duct Rod dispensing items include a hand operated brake and are strong and durable sufficient to accommodate up to 300 metres of 8mm rod.

The pay-off mechanism on the dispenser has a double set of rollers to cut back put on on the sheath of the rod.

The dispenser units are brief enough to be saved within the back of panel vans and different small, enclosed automobiles.

Now comes standard with a 1mm copper tracer wire. Simply energize the rod with your transmitter and locate your pipe with the aid of a receiver.

No more unnecessary digging as you pinpoint your pipe and/or blockage. Pultruded fibreglass strands are jacketed with a 1mm tough polyethylene coating to present a novel combination of power and adaptability.

Dispensing and rewinding are achieved with ease and the stand comes with two wheels for easy transportation. All rod comes geared up with threaded fittings on every end to accommodate the equipment and/or more rod.

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