Duct Rodder Producer Fiberglass Conduit Rodder Merchandise

Turbine engines[edit]

Min. Bending Radius


Tensile Power


Environmental Stress & Crack Resistance


As considered one of biggest duct rodder manufacturers in Asia,we provide the duct rodder with high quality and aggressive price. We may produce from four to18mm diameters’ duct rodder,and supply duct rodder adding with copper wire,stainless steel wire for detecting makes use of. So the duct rodder can be called Detectable Rodders. In line with clients’ requirement,We may produce totally different size and colorr duct rodder.
The Cobra duct rodder is the best quality rod,designed for heavy duty purposes. The additional power comes from a singular development process that ensures greater rigidity and strength,enabling it to endure the extra drive required for long duct runs with multiple bends and sweeps.

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