Duct Rodding System Rent

This duct rodding system is an extremely sensible solution for putting in cable in ducts, threading draw ropes, or detecting/clearing blockages utilizing a sonde. This versatile, easy to use rodding system offers a labour saving approach of clearing blockages. As, in contrast to with drain rods, you don’t have to screw the rods collectively to reach the required length. This system comes with 120m of rodding, providing you with the aptitude to complete all sorts of jobs on smaller ducts or much longer pipes. The rodding programs powerful, sturdy body is designed to be lightweight and easy to manoeuvre, making it easy to handle and place on site.

Item: Rodding System. Diameter: 9mm. Length: 120m. Weight: 33kg. Use Security Gloves. Use Security Boots. Use Security Helmet.

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