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LongTime fiberglass warning sphere Co.,Ltd has been producing and selling fiberglass products professionally for more than ten years. We provide so many kinds of warning sphere, such as fiberglass warning sphere, aircraft warning sphere, FRP warning sphere, and so on. There are various colors of fiberglass warning sphere. For example, white warning sphere, orange, red, double color of orange and white, red and white, orange and red, and so on. All the fiberglass warning spheres are lovertiful in colors and have a nice appearance. We also offer many kinds of specification of products for customers to choose. The sphere diameters are ?400mm 600mm 800mm 1000mm.

Technical parameters of fiberglass warning sphere

1. Range of application: overhead power transmission line

2. Diameter: ?40mm 600mm 800mm

3. Weight: 5-7kg

4. Thickness: 2.5-3mm

5. Color: white, orange, red, orange and white, orange and red, etc.

6. Material: fiberglass

7. Performance of fiberglass: tensile strength?128MPa, bending strength?230MPa, Barcol hardness?44.

8.  Cable clamp and diameter of line: ?19 ?30 include bushing or customize according to customers.

9. Material of clip of high voltage wirehigh voltage wire: aluminium casting

10. Material of fastener: stainless steel

11. Temperature of work place: -40-+90?,  it can be used in dreadful conditions

12. Expiration date: 2 years

13. Service life:  10 years

14. Packaging: carton packing or wooden case packing. Using bubble wrap to segregate it when using carton packing, to insulate each half ball with bubble wrap when using wooden box packing. 

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