GMP Duct Rodders

Winding Times September 2009

GMP Steady Duct Rodders at the moment are accessible in either customary core or detectable copper core.

GMP produces high performing and durable duct rodders – a long time of in-field use have confirmed this high visibility orange rod materials to have the best mixture of the mechanical properties of tensile power, modulus, stiffness and bending behavior.

GMP Duct Rodders are gentle weight, durable and corrosion resistant. They are coated with a tricky UV stabilized security orange Polypropylene and will not be affected by water.

They won’t soften or lose tensile power in sizzling weather, nor grow to be brittle below cold situations.

Each Duct Rodder Body assists the payout/pay-in of the rod material through the use of an eyebolt with a nylon bushing. The bushing is designed to guard the duct rod from abrasion and premature wear.

The 1/four inch rodder is rated for 500 lbs. pulling capability, the 3/eight is rated for 1400 lbs., and the 1/2″ has a 1800 lb. rating.

Accessible in commonplace or toneable rod.

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