High Strong FRP Duct Rodder Locatable Duct Rodders

Excessive Sturdy FRP Duct Rodder Locatable Duct Rodders applies in tow lead-rope via a pipe,it is auxiliary means. Floor easy and excessive resilience,so the FRP perforator with ease passes the slender channel. Excessive Strong FRP Duct Rodder Locatable Duct Rodders perforator consists of two parts: the glass fiber strengthen the level, Excessive Robust FRP Duct Rodder Locatable Duct Rodders the high-pressured low density polyethylene protecting layer(easy, agency ,can resist the antagonistic circumstance).High Strong FRP Duct Rodder Locatable Duct Rodders has time-saving reducing effort, bettering efficiency, and many others,And High Sturdy FRP Duct Rodder Locatable Duct Rodders can be utilized for telecom cables, cable pipe and cleansing and plastic pipe of cloths to place.when use attracts out the FPR pole by the pulley, then with a corresponding steel joint, penetrates within the pipeline. Excessive Robust FRP Duct Rodder Locatable Duct Rodders When cleansing, guide-head will drive cleansing instruments to scrub the pipe; When arranges the cable,you might first leads the steel wire or the iron wire, Excessive Robust FRP Duct Rodder Locatable Duct Rodders then enters the pipe with the steel wire or the iron wire hauling cable.
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1.Fiberglass hose is lightweight and non-conductive, Due to the extreme flexibility, it can be used as push-pull rodder .
2.Fiberglass push pull,Fiber snake duct rodder,cable rods
three.Fiberglass rod is lightweight and non-conductive, due to the excessive flexibility, it can be utilized as push-pull rodder in cable set up, and in conduit which makes it very versatile

Glass fiber rod diameter(mm) four.5mm/ 6mm/ 8mm/ 9mm/ 10mm/ 11mm/ 12mm/ 13mm/ 14mm/ 16mm
Length(m) 10m-150m
Shade Yellow/purple/black/blue/inexperienced/white
Frame(mm) 650 x 250 x 680, 1000 x 470 x 1140, 1230 x 470 x 1350
Materials seventy five-80% E-glass fiber +Excessive density polyethylene(outer)
Function Add metallic(copper wire, stainless steel wire)within the rod for detectable goal
Packing Wrapped after which carton field

Traceable Maxi Duct Rodder is an ideal accessory for utilisation with pipe & cable locators, to extend the potential of the locating equipments to determine location & route of buried non metallic ducts or telecom pipes.

The Traceable Maxi Duct rodder is based on a sturdy composite fiberglass rod of 9mm dia with a in-built 1mm copper wire that’s inflexible yet versatile enough to guide into non metallic HDPE ducts, plastic pipes and metal pipes upto lengths of 300 meters / a thousand feet.

The traceable duct rodder is offered in a galvanized metallic tube frame with an integral brake and wheels. The bottom of the traceable rod accommodates a terminal that gives a connection to the inbuilt copper tracer wire of the duct rodder. The traceable rodder when energized with a frequency excites the full length of the rodder to allow trace the buried pipe.

Use any Digital Pipe & cable locating receiver to trace the route of the Pipe. Available in two length choices : 200m/650feet and 300m/1000feet.
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How to use duct rodder: 

STEP 1 : Insert rod into manhole and push into metallic or non metallic pipe /duct which is to be route traced.
STEP 2 : The terminal box of the PipeTraker offers the connection to the inbuilt copper hint wire of the duct rodder.
STEP 3 : Energise the traceable duct rodder with any frequency comparable to 8/ sixteen/33/64 /eighty KHz and so on using any sign excitor/ transmitter.
STEP four : Trace route, depth or blockage points of underground conduit with precision using any digital or analog receiver.

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