How to install and set aircraft warning sphere

How to set the aircraft warning sphere:

–Setting principle of aircraft warning sphere:

1. Warning sphere should be stalled on the wirerope of the lightning protection grounding of overhead tower

2. Aircraft warning sphere need to be settled in a uniformly-spaced.

  When diameter is 600mm, separation distance should less than 30m

  When diameter is 800mm, separation distance  should less than 35m

  When diameter is 1300mm, separation distance  should less than 40m

3. Two different kinds of colors warning sphere should be used at the same time, and set them alternatively.

4. Warning sphere should be settled no lower than  the highest location of its height when in the place that contains plenty of electric wires and cables. 

–Installation procedure and announcements for fiberglass warning sphere

1. Where the warning sphere is installed, the cable should be encased with cable protectors whose length is 1000-2000mm, the prolongation of protector is better to longer than cable for 200-300mm

         2. To fixate the warning sphere on the cable with the line on the lower parts of warning sphere.

3. To install the lower part of warning sphere with the upper part according to the steel mold code on lower one. Make sure that the two half parts have been stalled suitably.

4. To insert a M12*35 stainless steel bolt, put flat washer and spring washer on every bolt, and then tightening the nuts.

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