How To put in A Spiral Duct

Spiral ductwork is widespread in business purposes. It’s widely used in rooms with “uncovered ductwork.” This is not hid by a drywall or suspended ceiling. Because of the way spiral duct is made, larger ductwork is made with a lighter metallic gauge. This permits a lighter duct that requires fewer hangers. The connectors have a rubber gasket that gives an airtight seal at every connection if you set up it. This provides a connection that doesn’t must be sealed with duct sealer. You end up with a system that has a neater look.

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Issues You’ll Need
Tape measure
Duct fittings
Reciprocating saw
Sheet steel screws
Cordless drill
Spiral duct hangers
Threaded rod
Wrench set

Measure the length of spiral duct wanted, utilizing a tape measure. Mark out a bit of spiral duct at this measurement around the complete circumference of the duct, using a marker.

Place your reciprocating noticed up to the mark on the duct and interact it. Apply strain to chop into the duct. Once inside, follow the line around your entire duct together with your noticed. It’s best to now have a length of duct at your measurement.

Push the length of spiral duct on to the connector until it slides over approximately 2 inches. Discover that the rubber gasket utterly disappears inside the spiral duct. This is providing an airtight seal on the seam.

Screw the spiral duct to the connector with sheet metal screws and a cordless drill. Use one screw every 6 inches around all the perimeter of the connection.

Support the spiral duct from structural members at the very least every 8 ft, utilizing spiral duct hangers and a hammer. Measure the space between the assist holes on the spiral duct hanger. Dangle a threaded rod down from the structural member on every facet of the spiral duct. The gap between the rods ought to be the measurement between the support holes. Slide the spiral duct hanger over each threaded rod and secure it with the suitable measurement nuts and washers and a wrench set. Alter as necessary to make your duct stage.

Install each successive piece of duct following this procedure until the whole system is completed.

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