How to use Duct Rodder


Fiberglass duct rodders are composed of fiber glass rod which was extruded by fiber glass and high strength resin at high temperature. This type of rod has high tensile strength and flexibility. It was covered by a high density polyethylene engineering plastic as its protect layer(High Density polyethylene (Grade: for the insulating and jacketing of Telecommunication Cables) is used in the outer diameter coating.), which make duct rodder cover sliding on surface, durable, corrosion resistant and has good insulation performance, which make them safe for use in cable occupied duct.

Duct rodder  is a definitely superior resources as a cable laying tool.

Operating and safety instructions must be read and understood before using your fiberglass duct rodder. Failure to follow the instructions may cause personal injury or breaking of the duct rodder.

Before operating:

1.Put the duct rodder at a proper position, a manhole cover for instance.

2.To prevent unconcerned persons entering the job location, cordon off the area with barriers.

3.If the cable or wire placing is in a service pipe of residential area, check with relevant department to ensure people’s safety.

4. Be prepared for the unexpected conditions. Wear hard hat, safety gloves or shoes and other recognized safety equipment.

Operating instruction:

1.: Unlock the duct rodder hand brake and verify that the drawing head is tight.

2 : Insert the duct rodder into the duct.

3 : Push the duct rodder until it reaches the other Finish.

4 : Rod reaches other available finish of duct.

5 : Loop Cable television to be pulled into figure of eight for simple pulling.

6 : Insert Cable television into pullgrip accessory.

7 : Attach pullgrip to duct rodder guide head using the shackle bolt.

8 : Pull duct rodder to install OFC cable inside duct.