Locatable Duct Rodders

Detectable Duct Rodders are available in 5/sixteen” and 7/sixteen” diameter rods. They can be found in the identical lengths because the regular rodders and are mounted in the same frames. The purpose of the Detectable rod is to be able to precisely find current ducting underground or to find the place of a blockage within a duct.

long neck cam lock 3 4 5 acme male threaded tip material high strength ...Each Detectable Duct Rod unit is supplied with a terminal box mounted on the frame with male and female banana terminals for exterior hook up. Each sizes of rod have #22 Ga. copper wire down the middle of the fiberglass core.

It’s endorsed that a Roller Guide all the time be used so as to raised make the connection between the end of the rod and the wall of the ducting. This is necessary so as to complete the circuit again to earth.

Any transmitter can then be hooked as much as the terminal box with the second lead from the transmitter going to ground (spike into earth). As soon as switched on, the signal will be transmitted along the duct rod and an ordinary locator can then be used to find the sign supply from above floor.

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