Micro-duct Placement / Rodding /Ped/Vault Crews

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Rod present duct containing active coax plant. Current conduit dimension ranges from 1.5″ to 2″. Pull again micro-duct, with some places requiring find wire with the duct. If current conduit is just not passable, crew should have the ability to establish and dig up/restore the conduit. (payable item). In instances where there is lifeless coax (minimize on each sides), that coax can be pulled out and micro-duct pulled in behind. (payable merchandise).
All current faucet/splitter peds that aren’t 12×12 will be replaced with 12×12 channell peds. Amp/LE areas (cat home peds) would require a vault positioned next to the ped to contain the fiber enclosures. Vaults can be 17×30, 2×3, and in rare circumstances, 3×5. Existing conduit should be positioned previous to vault placement in order that it could also be intercepted to permit new micro-duct to be fed into vault location.

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