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Hot Sticks and Voltage Testers, such as Tic Tracers are a particularly useful troubleshooting tool and are needed in quite a lot of industries. They can be utilized to check fuses, breakers panels, find heating wires within walls, locate breaks in insulated wire and heating elements, or to examine voltage in shops, switches and transmission traces. These testers may also be used to do a security test on power tools and appliances.

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Our Telescoping Scorching Stick comes equipped with a common spline finish and sizzling stick probe. As well as, the MS-USTS- comes with the tip lock operational feature commonplace. The operator can merely lock the end section into second to final section if mandatory to acquire most flexural/tensile energy from the prolonged persist with open/close stubborn tools.

The stick has been engineered so additional fiberglass has been added the place the very best energy is required and removed the place it is not required. The result’s a telescopic stick capable of withstand the rigors of line operations and nonetheless supply the utmost in lightweight for portablility. The skin surface texture gives a constructive gripping floor even in wet situations. All working buttons are CNC machined from very excessive strength and water resistant engineered strong polymer rod to offer most mechanical energy.

All telescopic fiberglass sticks also come outfitted with the new EZ tip lock button alternative function. No more full stick disassembly to exchange the tip lock button which often winds up as an entire part 1 fiberglass changeout. The EZ tip lock button alternative function permits the tip lock button to be changed easily and rapidly Without disassembly of all the stick, a expensive and time consuming operation.

All telescopic hot sticks are manufactured from the best grade electrical rated fiberglass and meet or exceed all applicable trade efficiency criteria including ASTM F711, ASTM F1826, and OSHA 1926.951(d).

Fiberglass Telescopic Sizzling Stick

Hastings TEL-O-POLE II Telescoping Hot Stick

Custom design your personal straight stick in the following manner. First, determine the required stick size in ft, up to 10 foot most. This is the -XX- part of the half quantity. For example, -06- is 6 foot, -10- is 10 foot, etc.

Lastly, choose the two finish components for the stick, -YY- being the primary finish and -ZZ- the second end. Your selections: -HP- is scorching stick probe, -SE- is universal spline finish, -EC- is rubber finish cap, -SH- is switchhead, -DH- is disconnect head, -DP- double prong, -RP- is rotary prong and -RB- is rotary blade.

Should you want a plastisol non-breakable steel hanger which is person adjustable add -HGR- to the top of the catalog number.

Straight sticks meet or exceed all relevant trade efficiency standards including ASTM F711, ASTM F1826 and OSHA Sub. V sec. 1969.951(d).

Design Your own Scorching Stick

Fiberglass Straight Spline Stick

Shotgun Hot Sticks Exterior & Internal Operating Rod

The MS-USSGXEREC/SE shotgun sticks make the most of two exterior rod guides to guarantee a easy opening and closing operation when in use. The MS-USSGXEREC comes geared up with a rubber end cap whereas the MS-USSGXERSE comes with a common spline. Protective baggage are available.

Exterior Rod Shotgun sticks are available in four 1/2 6 1/2 eight 1/2 10 1/2and 12 1/2lengths. The special stripe feature (pat pending) indicates to the lineman where the hook will open. Stripe Up means Hook Down!

Internal Rod Shotgun sticks are available in 4 1/2 6 1/2 8 1/2 10 1/2and 12 1/2lengths. The stripe feature (pat pending) indicates to the lineman where the hook will open. Stripe Up means Hook Down! All Hot Sticks meet or exceed all ASTM and OSHA necessities.

Fiberglass Shotgun Scorching Sticks

Hastings Folding Shotgun Sizzling Stick

Hastings Shotgun Sizzling Sticks

Hastings Tel-O-Pole Shotgun Sticks

Voltage Proximity Testers are a comparatively easy testing instrument that enables electricians and different makes use of to find, trace and determine common electrical problems. These testers can find wires behind walls, underground, and inside junction boxes. Others are designed to seek out blown fuses or take a look at light fixtures. Some testers may even find neutrals, floor faults, and excessive voltage strains without interrupting energy. Most products are able to continuity checks and audible continuity measurements. Continuity checks test a circuit for completeness, whereas audible continuity measurements beep when probes touch one another.

Tic Tracer Proximity AC Voltage Detector

The Tic Tracer is adaptable to hot sticks and is used to examine fuses, breaker panels, power shops, load break connectors, and transmission strains. The Tic Tracer has a excessive voltage vary (1500-122,000 volts) and a low voltage range (25-1500 volts). This useful tool will enable the user to detect electricity without having to break into energy traces. The sign of the beeper will turn out to be louder as a person comes closer to stay electrical traces. The danger of touching dwell electrical wires is non-existent with this helpful software. The Proximity Voltage Detector will also be used to examine energy tools and to see if they’re properly grounded. Customers also can check whether or not AC energy is related to shops, lamps, and/or switches. This instrument is lightweight but rugged, has an integrated switchguard and is made within the USA.

Non-Contact Voltage Detector up to 500kV

TheNon-Contact Voltage Detector is used to confirm dwell or de-energized conductors, and can warn of voltage from 230V to 500kV. Because the tester is moved closer to the conductor or apparatus, a warning of voltage is indicated. This tester could also be used with rubber insulating gloves or sizzling sticks with a splined universal finish fitting. It is suggested that the tester is moved closer to the conductor till the warning is indicated or the unit touches a conductor, apparatus, or test level. Keep in mind, when using non-contact voltage detectors, it is extremely vital to always verify correct operation. Immediately after checking a line or piece of equipment, the detector needs to be verified to reassure the proper functioning of the software. This extraordinarily great tool comes complete with a case and shotgun adapter.

Precautions and Warnings

Anyone who makes use of sizzling sticks and voltage testers entrusts his/her personal security to this instrument. For this reason, testing the tool’s operation on a flourescent lamp or identified conductor of AC voltage is extraordinarily vital. If the unit is dropped, or for any reason a malfunction is suspected, take a look at it before making checks or high voltage exams. Three part feeder cables with conductors shut together could self-cancel the sector detected by the instrument; therefore, it’s imperative to all the time separate such conductors by at least 4 inches earlier than testing AC voltage.

When approaching an unknown voltage, especially a high one, always start with the unit switched to the ‘Lowvary. Then, approach the voltage from a distance. It’s also necessary to use a “Hot Stickalways. Word that with the swap in the excessive range, the unit will solely detect voltage above 1500 VAC.

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