Powered Duct Rod Pusher Products

As considered one of greatest duct rodder manufacturers in Asia, we offer the duct rodder with high quality and aggressive value. We might produce from 4 to18mm diameters’ duct rodder, and supply duct rodder including with copper wire, stainless steel wire for detecting uses. So the duct rodder can also be known as Detectable Rodders. In accordance with clients’ requirement, We may produce completely different size and clour duct rodder.

On the planet , the duct rodder have completely different title:

Cobra duct rodder,Pipe Eel,FISH TAPE,Cable Dealing with Tools,Cable Jockey,CONDUIT SNAKES,cables rodder.

The Cobra duct rodder is the best high quality rod, designed for heavy obligation applications. The additional energy comes from a unique construction course of that ensures larger rigidity and power, enabling it to endure the additional pressure required for long duct runs with a number of bends and sweeps.

Duct Rodders are composed of fiber glass rod which was extruded by fiber glass and excessive power resin at excessive temperature. This type of rod has excessive tensile power and flexibility. It was lined by a high density polyethylene engineering plastic as its protect layer, which make duct rodder cowl sliding on surface, durable, corrosion resistant and has good insulation efficiency, which make them safe for use in cable occupied duct.

High Density polyethylene (Grade: for the insulating and jacketing of Telecommunication Cables) is used within the outer diameter coating. Duct Rodder

Heavy Duty Tie Rod End Heavy Duty Tie Rod End Tie Rod EndDuct Rodders will geared up with totally different size reel in accordance with the length of rod. There are wheels on the reel, which make it handy for transferring.

  • 1-Gentle weight, durable, resistance to acid, alkali, aging resistant, corrosion resistant.
  • 2-High tensile power and bending properties, which make it to undergo narrow pipes easily.

3-Good temperature adaptability, the product won’t soften in scorching weather/nor turn into brittle in cold weather. Its usability is not going to be affected by temperature. Duct Rodder

  • 4-Outer protect layer are manufactured from excessive density polyethylene engineering plastic, which has good anti-UV capability.
  • 5-Cowl was coated with long-term UV-resistant polyethylene.
  • 6-Its floor has the advantage of clean, wear-resistant and lengthy service life.

7-There are meter marks on the protect layer of duct rodder, which can be utilized for measuring distance. Marks are printed by skilled printing machine, which has the benefit of strong adhesion, clear writing, waterproof, anti-ultraviolet, it can be nonetheless clear even after utilizing many instances.

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