Straightforward Buddy 1/4″ OD Duct Rodder For Fishing 1.5-2″ Conduit

The easy Buddy’s 1/four” diameter is stiffer than the smaller Little Buddy, yet more flexible than the larger Good Buddy 3/eight” duct rodder. The brand new design of the easy Buddy body features a 36″ tall handle for improved ergonomics and a wider wheel base with giant, rugged wheels for larger stability.

Flexible Traceable Duct Rodder, Traceable Rodder in IndiaWith a strong fiberglass non-conductive core rod and polymer outer sheath, the easy Buddy duct rodder gives unparalleled power, flexibility and safety.

Diameter 8mm,9mm,10mm,11mm*300m White Fiberglass Duct Rodder ...Its polymer coating protects the exterior rod surface from abrasion and provides a self-lubricating outer floor. Its rod could be marked in toes or meters and comes standard with a drag brake to control payout.

Designed to handle tight turns and lengthy runs, the straightforward Buddy is good for rodding or fishing 1″ to 2″ conduit in buildings as well as manhole-to-manhole or manhole-to-splice field.

WCT Merchandise carries a full line of Straightforward Buddy Conduit Rodder equipment. For more information, please evaluation the easy Buddy Information Sheet (PDF) or click on on the video hyperlink above.

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