Three/16(5mm) Duct Rodders

Whether you’re a large industrial firm, or an individual that wants a solution, we are right here to satisfy your cable needs.

Road-Rod Rear Fender ExtensionWe now have push & pull cables, shift controls, self-locking controls, multi-axis controls, control heads, spool valve adapters, adjustable over middle-locking brake levers, accelerator controls, Unidrum lever controls, Hydraulic lever systems, and all the hardware and accessories presumably needed.
Cables for construction gear, farm tools, and transportation equipment. Cables for industrial necessities to consumer requests.
We are a Cablecraft assembler and inventory varied management cable components. We are in a position to construct any typesize or length cable to meet your necessities. We’re additionally a specialised custom cable home that may build any kind cable or wire rope meeting to match your wants.

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Our management cables are highly versatile and of heavy responsibility construction for lengthy life underneath rugged circumstances. AU finish rods and help tubes are stainless steel. The components are swaged on for energy. We concentrate on alternative cables too.

We concentrate on custom wire rope assemblies from swaged eyes, forks, turnbuckles and ball ends. Cables could be made to your specifications from 1/sixteen to 1/four wire.

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