Why install fiberglass aircraft warning sphere and function

Why high voltage overhead line installs fiberglass aircraft warning sphere?

High voltage overhead line is spread all over the cities, countries, highway and bridge. Pedestrian and vehicles are very likely to face the vicious accident unexpectedly. The main reasons for these accidents are  high-tension lines lack of warning sign,the equipment and technology is backward. Aircraft warning sphere is installed on the overhead hv transmission line for warning at night. It is the most late-model warning device in our country, its  performance index has been tested and evaluated by the authorities in China. Because of its bright color, pedestrian and vehicles are very easy to see it and avoid the accidents as soon as possible. Aircraft warning sphere is a new type warning device that mixed many advanced technology from other countries, which makes the problem of  high voltage warning at night be solved form the root.

Main functions and features of aircraft sphere:

Convenient for installing: aircraft warning sphere is simple and rapid to stall. The product owns many advantages such as high temperature resistance, water proof and dustproof.

Advantage:  the device will not bring any inconvenient influence for the normal running of high voltage line after it is stalled.

Being adaptive for all kinds of environments: its performance will not change in many complicated environment such as rain, snow and ice world. The service life of aircraft warning sphere can be more than ten years.