Yellow Cable Pulling Instruments 10mm Cobra Conduit Duct Rods Fiberglass Duc Rod Of Cablepullingtools

Used to install pulling ropes and winch ropes into ducts,prepared for cable pulling operations.


Ski Lifts, Ski-lift, Lifts, Mountains, Chairlift, CableGentle weight, high tensile power.

Polyethylene coating for good electric insulativity, easy floor, resistance to acid and corrosion.

Elastic physique for easy passing via narrow pipes and bending conduits.

Copper wire inside for tracing if wanted.

Good friction and heat resistance allow the rod to travel longer distance within the conduits and to be operated in harsh surroundings.

Meter marks on the protective layer of the rod for measuring distance, printed by professional printing machine.

Waterproof and anti-ultraviolet for durable use.

Hand operated brake for controlling payout of the pulling rod. The rotating and stopping of the rod will be simply managed by the brake.

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