Cable pulling winch

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Cable pulling winch information:


  • Cable pulling winch information:

         1) Pull force: 30/50/80 KN
         2) Engine: Diesel
         3) Suitable for power & telecommunication lines
         4) Pole setting etc.

  • Technical specification:

         The Cable Pulling Winch can be designed according to your requirement of the diameter and length of the wire rope and the detailed technical date will also be changed.
          Cable pulling winch machine, engine powered winch.

  • Application

         5 Ton Diesel Winch Cable Puller Winch is used for tower erection, pole setting, stringing wire in electrical power line construction.
Winch can be modified as per requirement, such as changing curve capstan into straight even cylindrical  shape and coming with steel rope.

  • Features

         Small size
         Compact structure
         Light weight
         High efficiency
         Easy operation
         Convenient to carry

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