Manhole Cable Roller

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Manhole Cable Roller is used for cable laying. It is a good tool when you pulling cable, the material is Nylon and Material. It can turn the degree and used by series. We have many types cable roller, manhole roller, straight roller, conduit roller, this for the corner roller.

Manhole Cable Roller Features:

  • It can single use only or use in series.The connection part is bolt,so it can change the angle as you want.
  • Using spiral springs as power without electric energy consumption to keep reliable in operation.
  • Using collector slip spring carbon brush bracket to transfer the electric energy steadily and continuouy.
  • Use small power to get more effect.

Dimension of Manhole Cable Roller:

  1. Length: 540 mm
  2. Width: 220 mm
  3. Height: 200 mm
  4. Wheel Diameter: 140 mm
  5. Wheel Width: 160 mm
  6. Weight: 8.5 kg
  7. Applied Cable Diameter: 150 mm

Packing of Manhole Cable Roller:

  • Plastic Bag
  • Paper Carton
  • Wooden Pallet

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