Electrical cable puller

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Electrical cable puller is made of special material(Nylon, Polyester). It is can pass through the pipe softly and quickly. It can be used for long time as it doesn’t get rusty and corrode.

  • Information of Electrical cable puller:

  1. Diameter: 6 mm, 6.5 mm, 7 mm
  2. Length: 15 m, 20 m, 25 m, 30 m, 40 m, 50 m
  3. Color: Yellow, Red, Black
  4. Material: Polyester


  • Advantages of Electrical cable puller:
  1. The workability of our product is excellent.
  2. The product is also available to the work inserting a wire into a crooked place due to high bending elasticity.
  3. The product uses non-conductive plastic materials,so there is no risk of electric shock.
  4. The product can be used for an extended period of time
  5. It does not get rusty and corrode.
  6. It shortens working time remarkably in the street with many curves and long distance.
  7. The price is cheap when compared with the quality.

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