End Connector

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End Connector is a tool of duct rodder accessories and repair kits. Usually the end connector used for repairing the broken duct rodder. The material often copper.

End Connector

Two end connectors, according to the thread position, one is male end connector, one is female end connector. All these two end connector is supplied to contect with other accessories such as rod ends, flexible guide tips, etc.

The Male Rod End Connector supplied as standard at both ends of all conduit rods. Threaded end allows the connection of other rod accessories. The Female Rod End Connector used for repair breakage’s rods. It is can screwed the male rod end connector also adhesive just the broken rods.

The suitable diameter is middle diameter rodder and large diameter rodder: 8 mm- 16 mm. If you want to know the steps of repair the broken duct rods, please check our article: How to service a broken conduit rod?

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