15mm 200m Fiberglass Conduit Snake

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Fiberglass Conduit Snake, also known as Duct Rodders or Electrolines. These snakes are fed through ducts from one exposed point to another exposed point then used to pull back the haul rope.

15mm 200m Fiberglass Conduit Snake

Information of 15mm 200m Fiberglass Conduit Snake

  • Material: 

            Rod inner — Fiberglass
            Exterior coating — ABS resin
             Brake — Yes
             Drawing head — Copper

             Wheel — Rubber

  • Physical Properties: 

              Density – 55g/m
              Working environment -40°C to +80°C
              Color – Yellow, Red, Blue and so on

  • Specifications: 

         Item weight – 80 kg
         Rod Diameter – 15 mm 
         Rod Length – 200m

         Frame thickness – 1.2 mm

         Frame Dimension – 1.6 m*1.6 m*0.5 m

  • Packing:

        Plastic Trip Wrap

         Paper Carton

         LCL —- Wooden Pallet or Plastic Pallet


  • Application:

             Optic Fiber Installation

             Underground Cable Laying

             Conduit Cleaning

             Cable and Wire Placing

There are also can supply you the repair kits: Drawing head, Spring Guide Tips, End Connector, Guide Roller. They can help you when you used the duct snake rodder and repairing the rodder.

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