Cobra duct rod 14mm 150m

Cobra duct rod 14mm 150m is big buddy but convenient tools for cable, electrical tube etc. We can make from 15 mm, 16 mm, 17 mm, 18 mm which the big size make a strong steel frame.

Cobra duct rod 14mm 150m 


Information of Cobra duct rod 14mm 150m

  • Material: 

         Rod inner Fiberglass
         Exterior coating — ABS resin
         Brake — Yes
         Drawing head Copper

         Wheel — Rubber

  • Physical Properties: 

       Density – 55g/m
         Working environment -40°C to +80°C
         Color – Yellow

  • Specifications: 

         Item weight – 52kg
         Rod Diameter – 14mm 
         Rod Length – 150 m

         Frame thickness – 1.2 mm

         Frame Dimension – 1.5 m*1.5 m*0.5 m

Cobra duct rod 14mm 150m has the following advantages:

  1. The glass fiber core of the rod is made of high density fiberglass as well as the good resin which has good flexibility and high tensile strength, and will not break easily. Exceptional bending strength for maneuvering tight turns through narrow conduits.
  2. The fiberglass core is coated with high quality ABS resin to protect against rod abrasion and reduce friction. 
  3. It is non-conductive and will not kink.

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