6mm Portable Duct Rodder


6mm Duct Rodder

  • 6mm Portable Duct Rodder Description

The portable fiberglass duct rodder is a convenient tools for cable, electrical tube etc. We can make from 3mm to 6mm which the small size make a light steel frame to take it very easy to the site.

6mm portable duct rodder 3

6mm Portable Duct Rodder Material: 
Rod inner – Fiberglass
Exterior coating – ABS resin
Brake – Yes
Drawing head – Copper

6mm Portable Duct Rodder Physical Properties: 
Density – 55g/m
Working environment -40°C to +80°C
Color – Yellow

6mm Portable Duct Rodder Specifications: 
Item weight – 6.5kg
Rod Diameter – 6mm
Rod Length – 150m
Frame thickness – 1.2mm


6mm Portable Duct Rodder Features: 


· Excellent flexibility
· Light weight Metal frame for easy transportation
· Paint spray after galvanized steel frame with a brake
·Meter markings showing the length of each ring

6mm Portable Duct Rodder Packing:

6mm Duct Rodder

If you are interested in our fiberglass duct rodder, please email me.

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