14mm Duct Rodder


14mm Duct Rodder Specification:

  1. 14mm Fiberglass Duct Rod
  2. Available lengths: 100m, 200m, 250m, 300m
  3. Stiffer flexible rod for handling tight turns and long runs
  4. Lightweight frame and wheels for easier transport
  5. Friction brake
  6. Rod marked in 5 increments
  7. Accessory/Repair Kit Included

Duct Rodder Accessories

Traceable Duct Rodder

14mm Duct Rodder Technical Data

Glass fiber rod diameter 14mm
Length 1m-500m
Working temperature -40+80 degree
Min Bend Radius 295mm
Breaking tension 4.5T
Glassfiber density 1.8
Rod Diameter Rod Length Steel Frame Size (H*L*W) Unit Weight Notice
14MM 100M 1.3*1.2*0.4M 80KGS Color can be made of orange,yellow,blue,black,white,red etc.
14MM 150M 1.3*1.2*0.4M 120KGS
14MM 200M 1.3*1.2*0.4M 160KGS
14MM 250M 1.4*1.2*0.4M 180KGS
14MM 300M 1.4*1.3*0.4M 200KGS

14mm Duct Rodder Package:

14mm Duct Rodder

14mm Duct Rodder Application:

Because of the extreme flexibility, it can be used for Telecommunications, electrician and others department which use HDPE pipes, cable, the cable specific tapes as push-pull tools.

14mm Fiberglass Duct Rodder


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