Fibreglass Cable Rods 9mm 100m

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We supply high qualiry Fibreglass Cable Rods with meter marking and strong despenser frame. Our Fibreglass Cable Rods to world wide used for NBN, Telecommunication, Electrian and other department cable, the specific tapes as push pull tools.
The diameter can be 4.5mm-18mm, length from 10m-500m. The frame of our Continuous Duct Rodders is steel, the surface treatment technique Galvanized / Powder Coated.

Fibreglass Cable Rods 9mm 100m information

Product Name Fibreglass Cable Rods 9mm 100m
Diameter 9mm
Length 100m
Frame 1m*1m*0.5m
Wheels Strong Rubber Wheel
Frame Galvanized Steel Reel

Fiberglass Cable Rods 9mm 100m


Accessories of Fiberglass Cable Rods:

  1. Inner Rodder: High Strength alkali-free glass fiber
  2. Outside Coat: UV Resistance ABS Plastic
  3. Frame: Strong Steel with powder coated or Galvanized
  4. Wheels: Durable Rubber
  5. Drawing Head: Copper Head

Packing of Fiberglass Cable Rods:

  • Plastic Strip Wrap
  • Paper Carton
  • Wooden Pallet
  • Plastic Pallet
  • Containers

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