Wheeled Duct Rodder

Wheeled Duct Rodder Helps Cable, Wire Placing in Ducts

Wheeled duct rodder performs apparent advantage over portable duct rodder when the conduit or pipe is very long or complicated. Wheeled duct rodder is made with a rubber wheel on the cage, which makes it easier to transport at the job site. The wheel can be made into pneumatic or solid rubber tire with iron wheel rim. Different from portable duct rodder, wheeled duct rodder is often manufactured with the pulling rod diameter varying from 11mm to 14mm.

Duct rodder with outboard wheels

Duct rodder with outboard wheels is commonly used for threading in conduits. Two wheels on the duct rodder are installed on one side, outside against the end of bottom frame. The outboard wheels are designed for reducing the pressure on the ground. When moving the duct rodder to the job site, press down hard on the grip of the frame, towards the direction of the wheel, and move on the wheels.

A duct rodder with red rubber wheel, red pulling rod, a hand brake on the carrier, also with duct rod grapples set and a drawing head.

A wheeled duct rodder with a sturdy carrier and iron/rubber wheels.

The rod guide of the duct rodder, with a yellow rod through it.

Rod guide of the duct rodder, the rod must be pushed through the rod guide out of the cage.

Pneumatic tire and solid tire comparison

There are usually two kinds of tires of the duct rodder, including pneumatic tire and solid tire. Each has its advantage and disadvantage. There is a list below for comparison of the two kinds of tires.

Type Description
Pneumatic tire Advantage It weighs light and is full of elasticity.
Disadvantage It is easy to be broken by the bad environment on the construction site.
Solid tire Advantage It is sturdy and good at running on the complicated conditions.
Disadvantage It weighs a little bit heavy.

One pneumatic tire and one solid tire, pneumatic one is a little bit bigger than the solid one.

Two tires of the duct rodder – pneumatic and solid.

iron wheels set on the duct rodder, with bearing in the center and three rivets fixed on each wheel.

A duct rodder with iron wheel.

Duct rodder with inboard wheels

Duct rodder with inboard wheels is specially designed for saving storage space. Two wheels are installed on one side, inside against the bottom frame. The usage of duct rodder with inboard wheels is the same as duct rodder with outboard wheels.

Duct rodder with accessory kit, inboard wheels

Duct rodder with accessory kit is convenient for its accessory kit, with most commonly-used tools in it. The accessory kit can be attached to the cage by nylon tires, through the hole that has been designed in the accessory kit. Rod guide can be designed as pulley or ordinary metal hole.

A duct rodder with yellow carrier, red rod and inboard wheel.

A duct rodder with inboard wheel for space saving

A wheeled duct rodder, yellow frame and red rod, with inboard wheel and an accessory kit.

An inboard wheeled duct rodder, an accessory kit for accessories storage and convenient use at the job site.

Wheeled Duct Rodder Specification

Material and features can be seen on the page of fiberglass duct rodder. Specification table is listed below.

Wheeled Duct Rodder Specification
Rod diameter Bend radius Rod length Conduit diameter Frame size
11mm 390mm 150m – 300m 7.6cm – 15cm 120cm × 126cm × 40cm; 100cm × 120cm × 45cm
12mm 450mm 150m – 300m 7.6cm – 16cm 120cm × 126cm × 40cm; 120cm × 130cm × 45cm
13mm 500mm 150m – 300m 7.6cm – 17cm 130cm × 136cm × 55cm
14mm 550mm 150m – 300m 7.6mm – 19cm 130cm × 136cm × 55cm
15mm 600mm 150m – 500m 7.6cm – 20cm 150cm × 160cm × 55cm
16mm 650mm 150m – 500m 10cm? 150cm × 160cm × 55cm

Note: other sizes can be ordered as customers’ demand.

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