Cable pulling rods

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Cable Pulling Rods


Cable pulling rods is lightweight and non-conductive, because of the extreme flexibility, it can be used as push-pull rodder in cable
installation, and in conduit which makes it very versatile. 
Tracing type cable pulling rods used for tracing buried non-metallic pipes based on composite rod with built in copper tracer wire. Connect lead from signal transmitter to terminal of ctrak and the other lead to earth. Push the tracking rod into the duct, entire length of the rod is energized at frequency of transmitter. Simply follow the signal to know your buried duct route by using any industry standard pipe and cable locator at the matching frequency of the transmitter.

The color of cable pulling rods: Yellow, White, Blue, Red. 

The diameter: 4.5 mm-16 mm

The length: 10 m-500 m

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