Cobra duct rodder accessories (2)

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Longtime Company supply high quality Cobra duct rodder, this article is about the detail introduction of the accessories.

Drawing head of Cobra duct rodder:


The accessories of it:
Rod(Drawing head, Meter marking, Wire tracing), Reel(Bearing, Hand braking, Wheels, Rod grapple set, Guide roller), Repair Kits

  1. Drawing head, it is position on the start and end of the rod. It is also called copper head. It is a important accessory of the cobra reel duct cable rod. With this, the rods can go through hard and slid underground, it is also can used for connection the cable then pulling the cable out of the pipe. Small diameter’s drawing head looks like bullet, so many people call it bullet head. The big diameter’s drawing head not same with the smaller type.
  2. Meter Marking: It is marked on the rod. The meter marking are available on all diameter rods. The unit is M. Every 10 meter or 50 meter will mark it.
  3. Tracing Wire: If you need the rod can be tracing, there will be a copper wire in the middle of the rod. The copper wire is available on the bigger diameter rod(more than 6 mm). The diameter of the copper wire is 0.5 mm. This will let you know the position when the rod underground.


The all accessories is about the rod, the following article will introduce the accessories about the Reel. If there is any question about this, please email me: