Condux duct rodder maintenance

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As we know, all of the equipment will be have some problem while it working for long time. Then it is need we learn to fix and upkeep it. This article is introduction the condux duct rodder maintenance.


Firstly, when use Condux duct rodder working, please according to the correct method to work. Before working please to do in preparation, and after the shutdown, to carry out proper follow-up work.

Secondly, when the Condux duct rodder in normal working, adjust it to the right position and read the operation indicators seriously, no over-pressure, no overload operation.

Thirdly, the relevant staff to the machinery and equipment on a regular basis for inspection and maintenance, if any problems found in time to deal with, eliminate security risk.

For the equipment, the correctly use and maintenance is very important, the same is important of Condux duct rodder. To do a good maintenance and repair work, not only can extend the service life of equipment, but also can reduce the cost of maintenance expenses.

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