Corner roller

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Cable roller is a good tool in cable laying. It can help to protect the cable, also can help the cable move smoothly. There are many types cable roller, manhole roller, straight roller, conduit roller, this for the corner roller.

Corner roller is applied to arrange cable or wire on the straight angle steel in small areas, there are aluminum alloy and nylon material.

  1. The material of the corner roller: Nylon/Aluminum and Steel frame.
  2. Frame Color: Red, Orange, Blue, Green
  3. Wheel Dimension: Diameter 160 mm, Length 140mm
  4. Packing: Plastic bag, Paper carton
  5. Lead time: 10-20 days 
  6. Payment: By TT

The corner roller can change the angle of the cable. It is not only single but also connected by others. In the side of the frame, there are the clamps used for connecting the corner roller. Leading cable rollers are used to support the cable over the entire drum width immediately before being pulled into the trench.

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