Duct rodding reel

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Duct Rodding is a cable tool for pulling cable or wire in industrial telecommunication or electric construction. We also need to pulling the electric wire. If want to choose the high quality duct rodding, pay more attention to the Rodding and Reel. The Duct Rodding Reel:

There are two type duct rodding reel for our products: Reel without wheels and Reel with wheels. Type one suit for small diameter with not very long length, type two is for the small diameter with long length and big diameter.

Reel without wheels:

  1. Steel Frame
  2. Bearing
  3. Hand Braking
  4. Grip

Reel with wheels:

  1. Grip
  2. Bearing
  3. Hand braking
  4. Wheels
  5. Rod grapple set
  6. Guide roller

All two type duct rodding reel material is Steel, the surface treatment: powder coated and galvanized. We used the more thicker and strong steel pipe for producing the reel, this will be more strong, the lifetime will be long.

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