Fiberglass fish tape repair kit

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When you used the fiberglass fish tape, there will some helpful tools can make your work more easy they called Fiberglass fish tape repair kit:


  1. Repair kits bag: It is used for loading the following(2-6) repair kits. Material is: Non-woven, durable and long lifetime.
  2. Rod Ends: Material is copper, more thicker easy to handle. The Rod Ends have two type: Male and Female end connector. It is supplied as the attaching accessories to the rod.
  3. Roller Guides: Material is steel or galvanized steel, more heavy not easy to rust. The Roller Guide is used to push through conduit with cable already in place.
  4. Splice Connector: Material is copper, the connection of two rods. The Splice Connector is a tool when the rod break. It can be connect by glue or screw on.
  5. Bullet Cap: Material is copper, small and easy glued. For Mini Duct Rodder with diameter 4.5mm-7mm.
  6. Drawing Head/ Pulling Eyes: Material is copper, can screwed many other tools. Pulling Eyes often install the end of the rod and supplied with the rodder. 8mm-16mm size duct rodder often use it as the drawing head.
  7. Rod Grapple Set: Material is steel or galvanized steel, it is often screwed on the Reel. The Rod Grapple Set is used when the rodders are pushed towards each other from opposite ends of the duct. The Coupling halves will hook together and can then be pulled back from either end.

That repair kits can be order single, if you have any requirement about this, please email me: