Fiberglass push pull rods accessories (3)

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Fiberglass push pull rods is good tools for optic fiber laying. It is more durable and light weight than the steel type. More and more worker choose this in their working.

Fiberglass push pull rods


Fiberglass push pull rods also called fiberglass duct rodder, conduit snake rodder. The accessories as follow: Rod(Drawing head, Meter marking, Wire tracing), Reel(Grip, Bearing, Hand braking, Wheels, Rod grapple set, Guide roller), Repair Kits. This article is for the Reel:

Reel also called frame, cages. The material is steel, surface treatment has two type: powder coated and galvanized. 

The powder coated has many difference colors, such as red, green, black, white ans so on. The galvanized type is good rust. Small diameter reel is portable and lightweight, big diameter reel has wheels that help the reel move easily.

  1. Grip
  2. Bearing
  3. Hand braking
  4. Wheels
  5. Rod grapple set
  6. Guide roller


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