Fiberglass push rod

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As we know that Fiberglass push rod is made of 3 layer: Copper wire, E-glass reinforce rods, ABS plastic coating. It is a perfect tool for telecommunication.

Fiberglass Push Rod


The function of the three layers as follow:

  • Copper wire used for tracking the rods, let you know the position underground.
  • E-glass reinforce rods make the rods more strong and slid, it can supply excellent toughness and strength.
  • ABS plastic coating to ensure the surface more smooth, stable, corrision resistant and son on, The smooth surface make the rods work easily. 

Compared with steel push rod, there are below advantages of fiberglass push rod:

  1. The strength of fiberglass push rod is much more than steel push rod.
  2. Steel push rod is easy to corrosive and rusty, but fiberglass push rod will not.
  3. Fiberglass push rod is with excellent toughness and not easy to break.
  4. Fiberglass push rod is easy to maintain.
  5. Fiberglass push rod is with strong anti-aging performance.
  6. Price of fiberglass push rod is cheap, this is also the most important issue.

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