Fiberglass wire pull rods

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It is very important to ensure the quality of fiberglass wire pull rods, damp and rust should be forbidden. Otherwise, the fiberglass wire pull rods working life will be shorten. How to storage the fiberglass wire pull rods? 

Fiberglass Wire Pull Rods


  1. Avoid the moisture and rusting: The warehouse should dry and clean, make sure the fiberglass wire pull rods stock record well. Keep the temperature not too high(20 degree to 30 degree).  The warehouse environment should keep dray not very wet. Keep this into a relative humidity. 
  2. Regular checking: When the fiberglass wire pull rods stock in the warehouse, need check it regularly. If there is any problem about this, solve this timely. 
  3. Transfer the goods safety: Avoiding to the damage of the fiberglass wire pull rods when you transfer and storage it. If find any damage, please repair it timely. If the damage is too severe, buy new one to replace this.

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