Flexible fish tape

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Fish Tape is not really tape, it is made of three material (Fiberglass, Nylon, Steel). All of these three material can called flexible fish tape.

The white color flexible fish tape also called nylon fish tape, it is made of Nylon(A special plastic). on the end of the rod, there are one Hook and one Connector end. The following is the detail information of flexible fish tape:



Item No. Diameter Length
LT-0405 4mm 5m
LT-0410 4mm 10m
LT-0415 4mm 15m
LT-0420 4mm 20m
LT-0425 4mm 25m
LT-0430 4mm 30m

Outside Packing Size

Item No. Measures(cm) PCS/CTN Net Weight
LT-0405 50*50*26 180 13
LT-0410 50*50*26 90 13
LT-0415 50*50*26 70 15
LT-0420 50*50*26 55 16
LT-0425 50*50*26 50 18
LT-0430 50*50*26 45 19

Color Available

  • Features:

         – Non-conductive nylon construction for use in telecom, electrical, wall and floor conduit.
         – A tool to aid in pulling cables through occupied duct and panel boxes.
         – Resists corrosion and can safely support up to 200 lbs.
         – Include a flexible steel leader and interchangeable terminals and eyelet.

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