Cable rodder introduction

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Cable Rodder also called fiberglass duct rodder, it is a good tools in pulling cable through the duct. The surface is solid abs plastic, this is smooth and make the cable rodder easy through the narrow duct. 

The cable rodder is composed of three parts—Steel Frame(also called cage), E-glass core and abs plastic. The steel frame is used for setting the cable rodder, make the cable rodder moved more easy.
The cable rodder features is to save time, save effort, improve working efficiency and so on.

It is widely used for telecommunication pipeline cleaning and fiber optic cable laying.
Standard diameter of the cable rodder from 4.5mm-18mm, the length is 10m-500m. This can produce as customers’ special requirement. 

The color of the cable rodder can be white, yellow, red, blue, green, black and so on.
When you used for fiber optic cable laying, first pull out the rodder from the steel frame, then connect with the mental head. 

If use the cable rodder for cleaning, connect the drawing head with the cleaning tools, then it can clean the duct.
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