Duct Rodder Rental

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Duct Rodder is our main products, it is exported to many countries, most of our customer not used this they often do duct rodder rental, this also can bring many profit to them.

Duct rodder accessories kit include: canvas bag, roller guide, splice kit, epoxy, swivel coupling, tapered head and threaded end fittings. Together with the duct rodder, we will send you the accessories kit in case some places need to be changed.

Duct Rodder Rental


The duct rodder stringer bullet tip allows you to repair the remaining end of broken rod without using epoxy to add a new fittings.

The frame(some customer call it Cage) need carry the rodder. Different diameter and length, the frame will be different.

We can ship the duct rodder in various ways, such as sea shipping, air shipping, by express. All them are ok, customized according to buyer choose.

All the duct rodder’s size, length, colors are based on clients needs. 

Please tell us the following information in your inquiry:
1. Diameter of duct rod(mm)?
2. Length of duct rodder?
3. Quantity?
Or you can send me your inquiry to my email: ada@langtaifrp.com.