Duct rodder suppliers

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Longtime company is a professional duct rodder suppliers in China. We have exported this products for many years. There is a question for new customer: why we used duct rodders?


The duct rodder  is mainly used in the early time of the road traction, and later developed into a sewer cable line and so on the line of traction.
The perforated device is composed of three parts: copper core, glass fiber reinforced layer, high pressure and low density polyethylene protective layer (smooth, strong, can resist harsh environment). Cable laying tools duct rodder come out, to a great extent  ease the worker’s difficulty  works.
Wire threading device is a convenient tool to improve the efficiency of people’s work Making the complex work become  simple, for staff it to bring a more convenient working environment, it is worth to promote and use.

With many year of this field, we can supply various tools that help duct rodder work, such as cable roller, tracking rodder and so on. We also design new types. If you have requirement about the duct rodder, please kindly email me: ada@langtaifrp.com