Electrical cable rollers

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Electrical cable rollers is used for cable laying working, it is can protect the cable and prevent the cable contact the ground directly. The material of the electrical cable rollers is: Nylon and Aluminum. 

There are many types cable roller: Straight cable rollers, Corner cable roller, Manhole cable rollers, Conduit cable rollers, Plate cable roller and Triple cable roller. All of them can be called electrical cable rollers. They can used both on the ground and underground. 

Electrical cable rollers:


The normal size of the wheels is: Diameter 140 mm, Length:160 mm. The wheels also can be produced as your request. With strong frame, the electrical cable rollers can be used for a longtime. When using the cable roller, it is can be single but also can be used in series(two or three cable roller connected). 

Usually, our customer used the cable roller along with cable pulling and pusher equipment, such as fiberglass duct rodder, cable pusher and so on. If you have any inquiry about them, please contact me: ada@langtaifrp.com.