Fiber Fish Tape

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Fiber Fish Tape is not really tape, it is made of three material (Fiberglass, Nylon, Steel). We can provide all of three fish tape.
Fiber Fish Tape fiber-fish-tape 

Type one is Fiberglass Fiber Fish Tape: The material of this type is E-glass and steel frame. The detail information as follow:

Rod diameter(mm) 4.5 ,5 ,6, 8, 10, 11, 12 ,13, 14, 15, 16 ,18
Rod length(m) 10~500
Rod color White,Yellow,Red,Black or customized
Frame size(mm) 1500*500*1500,1300*450*1330, 1200*420*1220, 980*3501000, 680*240*700
Wall Thickness of Metal Frame 2.2 mm
Wheel Diameter(mm) 300 mm or customized

Material of Fiber Fish Tape

Inner of rod Extruded by fiberglass and high strength resin
Outer of rod High density polyethylene coating
Wheels Rubber
Parking brake Steel
Drawing head Copper
Frame Hot dipped galvanized steel or Spray plastic

Fiber Fish Tape:


It is widely used in cable pulling and laying. In this website you will find fish tape repair accessories, other cable pulling tools, such as cable roller, cable pusher and so on.

The following article will introduce the other material: Nylon Fiber Fish Tape and Steel Fiber Fish Tape.