Fiberglass Conduit Rodder

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Fiberglass Conduit Rodder Welcome to visit our website, this safety instruction is show you how to operate the fiberglass conduit rodder safely. 

Fiberglass Conduit Rodder

The preparatory work: 

1.Before used the fiberglass conduit rodder, choose right working position, such as manhole cover, duct that the cable laying. 

2.Make sure the working area is safety to prevent unconcerned persons entering. 

3.If the fiberglass conduit rodder working place is residential area, please check with relevant department to ensure the people’s safety. 

4.When you working with the fiberglass conduit rodder, wear hard hat, safety gloves and shoes. 

When using the fiberglass conduit rodder, please check our other file in the Industry News. If you have any other question about the fiberglass conduit rodder, please feel free to contact me, thank you!